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9 photos of Andrew Garfield looking completely in love with Emma Stone

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                                            s m i l e,                                                                                                                                              or go to jail.

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Fields of Blue Flowers in Japan

In the Hitashi Seaside Park in Japan, infinite fields of nemophilas roll out like carpets of flowers on 190 hectares. We have gathered the best photos of this insolite place which appeals the tourists. Photographers must retouch their photos to erase the presence of people in the fields. 

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The Endless Emotions In A Random Run Cycle

In this music video, a character run cycle is repeated over and over again. Everything else in the frame — the backgrounds, effects, etc. — is completely redesigned each time the run cycle resets. It’s amazing how swapping out these seemingly secondary elements can completely change the emotion of the animation. It’s also a great reminder that EVERY part of the animation process is equally important!

Note: The song is Transfer, by Livetune, with vocals by Japanese voice actress Nakajima Megumi. The animation was done by Fantasista Utamaro and Kubotabee.

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The Moon by Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, appropriately named after the legendary Japanese moon princess Kaguya-hime.

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 (via manticoremoons)

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Jason Todd, Under The Red Hood


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felicity smoak: a summary

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Things were so different… ( X )

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The issue with Michaela and her finacee wasn't "you had sex with a guy", it was "you had sex with a guy, and then you purposfully hid it from me, even though we are getting married and we shouldn't have any secrets from one another."


michaela’s reaction absolutely takes issue with the fact that aiden slept with a man.

when aiden and connor meet again for the first time, aiden clearly has no hesitations or shame regarding his relationship with connor. he has a huge smile on his face when he sees connor and gives him a warm hug, saying “so good to see you again”. aiden only demonstrated discomfort once michaela takes issue with the situation.

i disagree that aiden “purposefully hid it” as you said, because i don’t think aiden would have considered connor an ‘ex’. i’ve hooked up with friends and not had relationships with them - i don’t consider them exes at all.

looking at the structure of the episode, it’s scripted so that 3 different couples’ experiences all mirror each other (forgive me for not remembering names off the top of my head):

  1. michaela/aiden
  2. annalise/her husband
  3. the client/her husband

annalise warns michaela, “choose your husband carefully, ms. pratt, you’ll only have yourself to blame if it ends badly”. this reflect’s both annalise’s concerns with her own husband lying about his relationship with his student and potentially murdering someone and the client hiding a double life as a fugitive activist and bomber from her family. 

annalise’s line is used by the writers to equate all 3 couples’ situations, meaning they are equating aiden sleeping with connor to:

1) having a secret ongoing relationship with a student (which would legally be considered non-consensual btw) and murdering said student; and

2) changing your identity and starting a new life without your spouse’s knowledge that you are evading incarceration for a bombing

this is not an accident. nothing scripted is an accident. the episode was purposefully structured this way.

as pointed out in another text post i read (which i currently cannot find but i will keep looking for it!), the episode is, surprise surprise, queer coding aiden. his actions (and their consequences), according to the episode, are on par with the actions of annalise’s husband and the client. aiden sleeping with connor apparently taints he and michaela’s relationship beyond repair in the same way that finding out your spouse (might have) murdered someone would. that’s fucking unacceptable.

and look at the way michaela phrases her sentences:

  • “i don’t want anymore of a mental picture than i already have”

  • “we’ve talked about all our exes and you never mentioned a boy!

if it’s not about aiden having a same sex partner then why is it emphasized and consistently brought up?

  • (after aiden apologizes and admits he should have told michaela as soon as they ran into connor) “you should have told me before you proposed, before you said you loved me, before you asked me out.”

sleeping with someone of the same sex is clearly a deal-breaker for michaela, she wouldn’t have agreed to go out with aiden if she knew in advance. god forbid michaela date someone who’s not 100% straight, right? again with the ‘tainted’ idea here.

  • “were there others? … men. men you had sex with… because if you’re gay… you ARE gay.”



  • “[my wedding dress] cost me a fortune, so you better be sure. you can’t embarrass me, aiden. i have a plan for my life and it doesn’t include you ruining us.”

aiden ends up needing to justify his sexuality, which he should not have to do, and feels pressured into calling it a ‘mistake’ based on michaela’s anger.

how to get away with murder’s scripting clearly emphasizes their view that there are only monosexual identities. this alienates me, this invalidates me, and this erases me. 

michaela’s reaction had quite a lot to do with the fact that one of aiden’s previous sex partners was a guy.

this is bisexual erasure. this is biphobia.

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what barry does vs. what he thinks [insp]

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"Can I keep the sweatshirt?" (x)

He is such an adorable little cupcake. 

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